Oriental vibes in a European manga

Radiant TO5 ©Ankama Editions 2016, by Tony Valente

A Euromanga triumph

A breed of monsters known as Nemeses is threatening mankind. They are opposed by a group of people who, upon surviving the monsters’ attacks, have acquired incredible magical powers.
Engaging, enthralling, colourful and fun. For the first time in Italy, an event dedicated to the European manga that's taking over Japan: Radiant.
A fantasy world reminiscent of Japanese shonen manga, brought to the halls of Palazzo Roncale through original tables, illustrations, colour studies and sketches by French comic book artist Tony Valente.

Imaginative plot lines that speak to our emotions

Radiant TO7 ©Ankama Editions 2017, by Tony Valente
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Come see us from 16 October 2019 to 26 January 2020!
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The magical mark of Japan

Contemporary forms of Japonism are heavily influenced by manga and anime. Demonstrating the impact of Japanese aesthetics on the visual culture of 21st Century Europe, in recent years one comic book has emerged as a leading vehicle of Japanese styles and models: Radiant.
Radiant TO1 ©Ankama Editions 2013, by Tony Valente

The threat from above

Created by French artist Tony Valente, Radiant takes us into a vividly imaginative world populated by monsters that fall from the sky, the Nemeses, and by the sorcerers committed to finding their enigmatic “nest”: Radiant.
An initiatory adventure set in a fantasy universe much like those of Japan's shonen manga, with a young hero who finds himself tackling increasingly arduous challenges - a world laden with references to the Japanese manga tradition but reworked in an unmistakably “Euro” key: natural disasters, biological mutations, medievalisms (mighty kings, armoured knights, the Inquisition...)
Radiant TO4 ©Ankama Editions 2015, by Tony Valente

A euromanga hit

Valente has skilfully mastered the dynamic composition techniques of the leading international manga, and it's easy to detect style influences of Japanese masterpieces like Dragon Ball, Hunter X Hunter or Bleach, yet his drawings feature a softer - and typically European - pen. This striking blend of East and West has won Radiant numerous awards as the best “manga style” work published in the West, including the prestigious Daruma award for best international manga at the Japan Expo 2016.
Radiant TO2 ©Ankama Editions 2014, by Tony Valente

Taking over Japan

Born in 2013, Radiant is published in France by Ankama and in Italy by J-Pop Manga. Its international success has led to a number of significant firsts. Most notably, it's the first French manga to also be published in Japan - where it's been praised by influential mangaka like Yūsuke Murata (One Punch Man) and Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail) - and, even more surprisingly, the first French manga made into a cartoon for Japanese TV.
Radiant TO2 ©Ankama Editions 2014, by Tony Valente