Arte e Magia

The enchantment of European esotericism

Piet Mondrian, Row of eleven poplars in red, yellow, blue and green

Myths, mysteries and magic

Esotericism fascinates just about everyone, even great masters such as Kandinsky, Rodin, Munch, Basile, Klee, Previati and Mondrian.
Here at Palazzo Roverella, we are ready to bowl you over with a great event dedicated to art and magic.
We will take you on a voyage of discovery through the esoteric movements of the 19th and 20th centuries that influenced European painting. Get ready to be bewitched by mysteries, dreams, psychoanalysis and the subconscious. Esotericism, symbolism, and historical avant-garde.

Esotericism, symbolism, historical avant-gardes.

Eugene Grasset, Trois femmes et trois lupus
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