Exploring Rovigo and its surroundings! Art, culture and nature

Rovigo with its villages and high value environmental areas preserves the ancient charm of rural places where nature and traditions blend with the productive and entrepreneurial fabric. Right here, in the south of Veneto, the two most important rivers in Italy – Adige and Po – create an extraordinary landscapes such as the Po Delta, a Unesco Mab area since 2015, a favorite film set for great Italian directors. A journey from west to east according to the season, to get to know the capital and its surroundings, among Venetian villas and rural estates, churches and abbeys, theaters and entertainment, a widespread and unsuspected artistic and cultural heritage, a novelty for the curious traveller. A millenary history that dates back to the Bronze Age testified by the presence of three archaeological museums, two of which are national ones in Adria, where Greek-Roman-Etruscan art finds and a collection of glass vases of great value are kept, and in Fratta Polesine all’ interior of the Villa Badoèr complex, a Unesco heritage site.

The itineraries

On the occasion of the exhibitions at Palazzo Roverella and Roncale, the Rovigo Convention & Visitors Bureau offers IDEEweekends, different itineraries for those who want to have different experiences following the seasons or their preferences.

Different itineraries for those who want to have different experiences based on their preferences such as:

Rovigo between art and history: the tour starts from the historic center of Rovigo and from a visit to the exhibitions scheduled at Palazzo Roverella and Roncale. The discovery continues with the widespread historical-artistic heritage: Fratta Polesine, Lendinara, Badia Polesine, Bergantino. For those who prefer to go east: Adria, an ancient Etruscan port, and the unmissable National Archaeological Museum, San Basilio and the many Roman art finds.

Pollicinum-MuseoPolesine: the tour selects in a weekend some of the most interesting stages of the provincial network which includes 26 archaeological, ethnographic and business museums. An original way to discover ancient and popular history that shows how the “Land between Adige-Po” is a mythological land and at the same time a land of “mild” people.

Nature in spring and summer: special itineraries to discover the different colors and presences of life that find their home in every season in the “Land between Adige-Po” and in the Po Delta.

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Rovigo and its surrounds: a beauty between two rivers

We have prepared a list of places you’ll love:

  • Rovigo | Centro storico, Palazzo Roverella, Palazzo Roncale, Teatro Sociale, Tempio de La Rotonda, Museo dei Grandi Fiumi
  • Fratta Polesine | Villa Badoer, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Casa-Museo Giacomo Matteotti, Ecomuseo Mulino al Pizzon
  • Lendinara | Palazzo Boldrin-Cittadella della Cultura, Palazzo Pretorio, Santuario della Beata Vergine del Pilastrello, Giardino Storico di Villa Cà Dolfin-Marchiori
  • Badia Polesine | Abbazia di S. Maria della Vangadizza, Museo civico Baruffaldi, Teatro Sociale Eugenio Balzan “Collezione Balzan”
  • Adria | Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Cattedrale Nuova dei Santi Pietro e Paolo e Museo della Cattedrale, Septem Maria Museum
  • Bergantino | Museo Storico della Giostra
  • Parco del Delta del Po | Riserva della Biosfera MAB UNESCO, Oasi di Ca’ Mello, Oasi Golena Ca’ Pisani, Giardino Botanico di Porto Caleri, Museo della Bonifica di Ca’ Vendramin, Sacca degli Scardovari
  • Ariano nel Polesine | San Basilio, Chiesa medioevale
  • Crespino | Museo delle Acque
  • Loreo | Antiquarium