Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: the most comprehensive collection arrives in Italy

More than 200 works to tell the story of the great French artist and fin de siècle Paris

At Palazzo Roverella in Rovigo, the major exhibition on Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901), one of the most representative French artists of fin de siècle Paris. Going beyond the often limiting perception of Toulouse-Lautrec as merely a poster creator, this exhibition focuses on his role as a painter, featuring paintings and pastels from significant American, European, and French museums.

The exhibition reconstructs the Parisian environment in which the artist worked, comparing him with realists, impressionists, and symbolists with whom he shared experiences and moments of daily life.

In addition to the famous Affiches, the artist’s paintings and preparatory drawings are juxtaposed in a dialectical relationship with the works of numerous artists active simultaneously in the same milieu, often addressing similar themes.

60 works by the artist, out of more than 200 overall, evoke the vibrancy of the Parisian art scene.

The exhibition is curated by Jean-David Jumeau-Lafond, Francesco Parisi, and Fanny Girard, with the collaboration of Nicholas Zmelty.

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