The exhibition dedicated to Tina Modotti has been inaugurated: the most comprehensive ever held in Italy

22 September 2023

The exhibition dedicated to Tina Modotti has been inaugurated: the most comprehensive ever held in Italy

Over 300 works of one of the most important photographers of the 20th century

On September 21st, Palazzo Roverella opened its doors to the exhibition “Tina Modotti. L’opera“. The now-traditional event featuring great international photography, inaugurated by Robert Capa and continued with Robert Doisneau, now continues with one of the most important female photographers of the 20th century. Over 300 works trace the art and research of Tina Modotti (1896-1942), shedding light on her photographic journey from her years as an assistant to Edward Weston to her final shots.

The exhibition, promoted by the Cariparo Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Rovigo and the Accademia dei Concordi, with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo, presents the most comprehensive exhibition of Tina Modotti ever held in Italy, produced by Dario Cimorelli Editore with Cinemazero.

The research work, led by curator Riccardo Costantini in collaboration with Gianni Pignat and Piero Colussi, makes the exhibition a crucial opportunity to delve deeper into and get to know the artist and her works like never before.

 Palazzo Roverella, ingresso della mostra

100 years of Tinissima

Tina Modotti. L’opera” is an opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the artist’s career, as her production is mainly concentrated between 1923, the year she moved to Mexico where she became a model and assistant to Edward Weston, and 1930, the year of her last shots.

“To her, more than to other intellectuals of the 20th century, the questionable privilege has been granted of being more interested in her life rather than her production,” emphasizes curator Riccardo Costantini.

The exhibition curator Riccardo costantini

«However, today is the time to reconsider her in the totality of her production and rediscover her beyond her biography, starting from her photography, as an autonomous artist and a woman, free, humane, armed with profound social values, attentive to the condition of the marginalized, to reform and education battles, capable of feminine demands of rare strength and ahead of her time: all themes of absolute relevance that have always permeated her shots, reaffirmed today in the discovery and study of the less well-known ones.»

Riccardo Costantini 

      RICCARDO COSTANTINI at the opening of the exhibition

After the first weekend, it’s already an appointment not to be missed

A comprehensive monograph that presents works from all over the world, from museums to private collectors, the result of 5 years of research aimed at delving into the variety of the artist’s approaches to the photographed subject. An engaging journey in which the narrative of reality, echoing from that slight blur that distinguishes Tina Modotti’s photographs, reveals an absolute communicative strength.

After the first weekend, 900 admissions have already been recorded, a testament to the anticipation and interest that the exhibition had generated even before its opening, not only in the local context but also attracting visitors from across the national territory. An excellent start that highlights the timeliness and care of Palazzo Roverella‘s cultural proposal.

Visitors at the exhibition at Palazzo Roverella

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